Website Design & Development Portfolio

Chris Harris

Photographer, Medina WA

I developed this responsive and dynamic HTML5 portfolio site in ExpressionEngine.  To save the client money, we purchased an in-expensive site template and I built the custom CMS around the HTML/CSS that came with the template.

The homepage automatically feeds the photos that Chris marks as 'Featured' and is touch-screen enabled.

His beautiful portfolio of photographs he takes with his own hand-made pinhole cameras is nicely displayed in a grid and categorized by type.  Image details pages feature overlay slideshows for large-format versions of the images.   To make this easy for Chris to manage, he only needs to upload one large-format version of an image and the CMS is setup to resize and load cached versions of the smaller images for him so they page loads faster and he does not need to resize and crop images for the different sizes neede.

He also has a blog and sells his photography books on his site with WePay buttons.  WePay is a great way to take payments securely without having to create your own ecommerce site.

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