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Nonprofit Workgroup, Somerville MA

This client came to me with a site almost built by another agency.  They were a year into development and were not able to get the simplest tasks done.

They had 3 sites that ran on ExpressionEngine's (EE) MultiSite Manager (MSM).  I re-organized the back end for them so that the content was easier to manage and so that they had full control to publish whatever content they needed.

There are many ways to build a site in EE and this client can tell you that EE can be an extrememly flexible and adaptive tool when built by a developer that looks to empower clients with their sites.

I scrapped the existing site's templates and logic and built a scalable, easy-to-manage and responsive website that gave the client the flexibility to do anything they wanted with the site.  We were able to run all three sites without the MSM add-on and allow the client to share content across sites to streamline thier content management in less than 2 months.

We recently added an eCommerce module to the GreenScreen Chemicals website that sells chemical assessment downloads.  This shop uses paypal to process payments.

See also: and  we are currently building a fourth site to run off the same CMS but with a completly different look and feel from the one the three other sites share.

BizNGO is a workgroup site for Clean Production Action, Chemical Footprint Project and GreenScreen Chemicals.

Each of these sites use the same basic shell and uses different styles to give each its own look.  Because the client has a lot of content that it wants to share across sites, I built them to run off one one CMS install so they all share resources.

Beautiful, custom graphics designed by Monty Lewis.

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